Building bridges to internationalization

After being recognized by UNESCO as a case of Innovation and Learning Practice in TVET, Cape Verde Competence Center – CdC 3C – participated in an international virtual forum (BILT Learning Forum 2021) held from the 7th to the 9th of December.

The BILT Learning Forum is the main event of the BILT project (Bridging Innovation and Learning in TVET) and was organized by the BILT project and co-hosted by UNEVOC Centres from Europe (Centre for Studies and Research on Qualifications, France), Africa (Human Resource Development Council, Botswana), and Asia and the Pacific (Human Resources Development Service of Korea).

The CdC 3C participated this time as an exhibitor, presenting “GAIA collaborative platform for professional training project” in an event whose main objectives were: (1) Discuss the outcomes of the publication on New Qualifications and Competencies; (2) Generate knowledge and engage in peer-learning on innovative practices in TVET; (3) Learn about the BILT Agenda 2025 and the dual thematic focus of greening and digitalization; (4) Contribute to strengthening the UNEVOC Network and the TVET stakeholder community.