Cabo Verde Competence Center signs Protocol with IEFP

Aligned with the strategic objective of decentralization and diversification of its services, Cabo Verde Competence Center signs a protocol with the Institute of Employment and Professional Training – IEFP.

The Cooperation Protocol, signed between the two entities, aims to establish a strategic and operational partnership for joint action in the field of vocational training in favor of greater diversification of the training offer, made available by the two entities in close harmony and alignment with the current and future skills needs of the labour market.

The IEFP PCA, Dr. Paulo Santos, reiterated the importance of establishing partnerships with training entities, which have been at the forefront of empowering young people and businesses in key areas for the sustainable development of the country, such as Renewable Energy, Industrial Maintenance, ICT, etc.
For his part, CDC 3C Director General Dr. Edson Mendes welcomed the IEFP’s engagement that it is a key partner for the development and promotion of vocational training, promoting employment and improving people’s quality of life.