Improve the energy performance of your facilities and equipments and reduce your energy bill through the production of renewable energy for self-consumption.

The Competence Center CdC 3C is prepared with the technical skills and necessary resources to accompany public institutions and industrial or business bodies in the implementation of energy efficiency solutions that promote the management and rational consumption of energy and renewable energies.

This service aligns your company's cost reduction strategy with our mission and the major objectives of the National Plan for Energy Sustainability.

audit energetica Centro competencias cabo verde

Energy audit

Manage your facilities and equipment efficiently and improve your company’s profitability.

1. Diagnostic energy audit

2. Design and establish an action plan:

   – Energy Performance Contract (EPC)

  – Energy Sustainability Plan (ESP)

3. Support in financing solutions for energy efficiency measures

4. Support in implementing energy efficiency measures

5. ROI analysis of recommended measures

Renewable energy consulting and services

1.  Equipment installation consultancy

2. Maintenance of facilities and equipment

3. Design and implementation of renewable energy projects

4. Energy management consultancy

5. Support in financing renewable energy projects

6. Support in implementing renewable energy projects

7. ROI analysis of renewable energy projects