Training and capacity building in CABO VERDE
AND IN the ECOWAS and PALOP regions

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Benefit from the training of the Cape Verde Competence Center in the areas of energy efficiency, renewable energies and industrial maintenance.

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Professional trainings

Our training offers are focused on the needs of the labor market and on the dynamics and technological, environmental and regulatory development.

The CdC 3C offers initial training with a professional vocation in the energy sector. In addition to initial training, we also offer short-term courses for all company employees in the construction, energy, security, management, soft skills, innovation and pedagogical education sectors.

1. High quality technical training

2. Training of trainers (EQF levels 5 to 7)

3. Initial training

4. Continuous training

5. Assessment quality training

6. Individual monitoring of participants

Tailor-made training

Companies have specific needs to develop their activities or conquer new markets. Our role is to listen to your needs and develop tailored training and solutions.

To convert and retain customers, stand out from the competition, conquer new markets, improve their performance or increase their turnover, companies need to develop and adapt their skills and know-how to their strategic vision and market demand. To accompany you in this process, the CdC 3C proposes the following solutions:

1. Needs analysis and recommendations

2. Training modules design

3. Training modules animation

4. Assessment quality training and learning process

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fotovoltaico formação do Centro de Competências Cabo Verde

Skill developpement

Improve your competitiveness by investing in your company’s human capital according to your vision and your strategic objectives.

The management skills of your organization can have a significant impact on your business and your strategic results. In this sense, we offer you a consultancy service to the management and skills development of your company adapted to your objectives.


1. Needs analysis and training plans

2. Skills assessment and review

3. Search of new talents


If you are in charge of a training center or the HR department of a company and you are looking to improve your training system, automate activities and improve your marketing strategy, we have some solutions to offer you.

We can offer you an effective, digitalized and automated training system, and the implementation of optimized and cooperative workflows through the implementation of pedagogical and management software ‘open source’ for companies.

1. Audit of your training system

2. Establishment and optimization of training systems

3. Support for international certification

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